Monday, May 02, 2016

So, Everything Has Now Changed At NCUA... Really ?!?

Chair Debbie Matz has kicked off her shoes and officially stepped aside at NCUA. 

All is now well on Duke Street - right?

Would suggest that if you believe "things have changed at NCUA", you may be confusing "cause and effect". Why do you believe that Ms. Matz was "the problem to be solved" at the NCUA? 

No doubt leaders are ultimately accountable for the performance of their organizations; but, are you giving too much credit or assigning far too much blame for the current reputation of the NCUA to our newly "sent-to-pasture" Chair? 

Are "things" really any better today at the Agency, than they were last Friday?

Actually, Ms. Matz provided a consistent vision of leadership to the NCUA during her tenure as Chair.  To many folks, there was much to criticize about the limited wisdom of her vision and the divisiveness of her leadership style; but let's be fair and give Ms. Matz an "A+" for pursuing her views with a vengeance!

So if Ms. Matz filled her leadership shoes to the
best of her ability, but the national reputation meter for the Agency still rests somewhere between ridicule and contempt; then,where might the problem lie, if its not the "big shoes"?

The underlying problem?

... a large "load of wash" yet to be completed at the NCUA...

[... and then hung out to dry of course!]   


Anonymous said...

"...there is another f-f-f-fenner".

Anonymous said...

It's not the shoes, it's the culture. It's the attitude that exists among the staff. It's their belief that they can't be fired and they are always there as board members come and go. They can overtake the process and dictate the path of regulation as they have done for the last seven years. A weak leader losses control and becomes the follower. Don't expect too much to changes as the potential person in charge as everyone has seen likes to be led and told what to do for that person lacks the ability to think and formulate a plan or position.

Anonymous said...

Your comments regarding Matz are on point. While she was the public face of NCUA, it is the senior staff that are running the place. That is why it is so important that our trade(s) work hard maintaining a working relationship with the agency.
Georgia Birddog