Tuesday, May 31, 2016

At The Drop Of A Cat....

You wouldn't really try that with me,
would you?
A friend (yes, I have one.) recently pointed out that it was axiomatic that regardless of how you drop a cat, the cat will always land on its feet.  

Having always heard that to be true; and having actually conducted that experiment several times, in my youth, with a real-life, increasingly frantic cat; I readily agreed to the wisdom of that observation. 

He next noted that if a buttered (or peanut buttered!) slice of bread slips from your grasp, it will always land "face down" on the floor.  And, having had that exasperating experience many times in life, I also readily agreed to the truth of that observation, too. 

But okay, "What's the point? So what?", I asked.

He said the profound question which arises from these two truths is....

You need
new friends!

What happens if you duct-tape a slice of buttered bread to the back of a cat "face up" and then drop them both at the same time?


Anonymous said...


Word has it that Mr. Nussle is giving away membership to the big boys to lure them back into "the flock." Did you get in on that action? Tell me they didn't make you pay! And I wonder how the credit unions seated at the children's table feel about paying full freight so the big boys can dine for free?

Tennessee Hound Dog

Jim Blaine said...

Didn't negotiate on price at all and it wasn't offered. It was adjusted for mid-term rejoining, but at standard rate. Other councils, conferences, etc are at full price; as far as I know we receive no discounts, incentives, special considerations. Not free here. That help?

What are you hearing?

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing you're getting free peanut butter for life and the next Wegner award. Who said Nussle wouldn't sell his soul? He's a former Congressman and we all know that's what they all do. Well, at least the two who have headed up CUNA have.

Jim Blaine said...

I did miss out on the chance to ask iMr. Nussle how he felt about The Donald... now DT might actually be willing to "invest" in a Wegner!

Anonymous said...

My CEO was offered a year free membership by Mr Nussle as our billion dollar+ credit union has not been a member for a few years. Our CEO thinks it's not a sustainable business model and sounds desperate.