Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rants And Raves...

Pretty Far Out !!
If you would like to keep up with what's going on in "The Real America", can't think of a better way to do so than to regularly read a local, hometown newspaper.  Happen to subscribe to 25 of them from all across North Carolina! You might be a bit surprised and amazed at "all the goings on just outside the city limits".

One of my favorite papers is The Mitchell News-Journal which is in its 86th year of "serving Bakersville, Little Switzerland, Spruce Pine and the rest of beautiful Mitchell County." The Mitchell News-Journal also declares itself to be "The Area's Leading Hometown Newspaper." Certain that last statement is an absolute truth, not only based on the weekly content, but also because The Mitchell News-Journal is the area's only hometown newspaper. But let's not quibble over details...

The best part of the paper is the "Rants and Raves" section, where readers can anonymously comment on those "goings on" in the community and the intelligence level of other commenters ! Here are few examples from last week's edition: 

* "Last Saturday afternoon I witnessed an unbelievable, record-breaking, historic event.  Walmart had 13 check-outs open at the same time."

* "To the person who was concerned about
Christian liars entering into heaven; are these lying Christians really going to heaven?  When they get up there - if they do - what are they going to say ?"

* "When the TV folks put out that poll which said the majority of Americans wanted to legalize marijuana, I could not help but think:  "All we need now is people riding around texting and stoned." "

*  "Church is a lot different now than when I was growing up and still trying to do right." 

.... "when I was growing up and still trying to do right"... has a certain ring of truth to it, doesn't it !


Anonymous said...

First of all, you are very fortunate to have community newspapers still publishing in your state. Most people do not even know what such a publication is. A local paper was the glue for a community to know who, what when and where. It is sad so many are gone.

And as a comment since today's blog seems to be geared toward speaking one's mind, let me say this. To those Republican candidates who signed that infamous pledge to support their party's nominee, suck it up and honor what you gave your word to do otherwise never knock on the door of seeking your party's trust again.

To the former nominees of that party, remember when you ran and need your party's full support? You were given it. The purpose of a primary is to select among all those seeking the job. The purpose of the party is to come together and support that nominee. So just because your candidate or son was the one not selected, suck it up and get on board.

And to the commentators like Glen Beck, who claim to be Republicans, take your marbles and go home. Do not think your listeners will follow. They wont. You will be the loser as you have shown everything you have spoken about all these years was nothing but hot air.

Thank you JB for allowing your blog to be my community newspaper today and being able to rant. I feel so much better.

Jim Blaine said...

Quite a "rant" there!!!!