Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Free Market Alternative...

* There can never be a "free market" unless there is a "fair market".

* There can never be a "fair market" unless there is a "free market".

Most folks don't seem to truly believe in the possibility and potential of a free and fair marketplace.  Many credit union leaders seem to think that when considering free and fair, you can't actually do both -  that in reality it generally becomes an "either/or" choice. 

Credit union cooperatives are the free and fair market leaders in consumer finance .... and there actually isn't another "honest horse" in the race!  (Like those odds, don't you?) 

But, we shouldn't overlook the need for credit unions to strongly and forcefully advocate for that free and fair marketplace - to visibly fight for and on behalf of the consumer - and to then consistently practice, in our operations, that which we preach!

When credit unions choose
 between free and fair...

.... or else we run the risk of losing a one horse race!!

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Anonymous said...

I believe the powers that be would prefer all to believe that free and fair is either/or rather than both. One might call it job security!