Friday, April 22, 2016

Dress For Success.... Was This Actually Some Sort Of H.B.2 Protest?

Can't beat local, hometown newspapers as a source for unusual news, insights, and headlines.  Here's a recent example:


Tuesday at approximately 5 p.m., the Suntrust Bank in Creedmoor was robbed by a male dressed as a female.

"This is a schtick up..."
The suspect was described as a black male , approximately 20-30 years old,  weight 135-150 pounds, 5-8 in height, with a thin build. 

Tellers at the bank described the suspect as "wearing a long, blue-jean dress with beige, scooped-necked, sleeveless blouse, red gloves, grey bedroom slippers, and a brunette wig, paired with alligator-skin pumps and matching clutch purse. "

"Accessories included pearl pierced-ear bobs, a mid-length, braided, gold-chain necklace, balanced with multi-metal wrist bangles in white gold. Rings included a blue-star sapphire bauble and faux silver signature band.  Mauve lip gloss, with complementary blush and eye-shadow highlights, accented the distinct look."

When questioned about the robbery, one teller volunteered that:  "It happened so fast that we didn't really have time to look, think or become fearful."

 "But, I can say that we were all completely appalled by...

"The "look" was just

...  his lack of fashion sense. It was just all in such extremely bad taste." 

"He clearly needs some help."


Ray Lancaster said...

What would have happened if he/she asked to use the restroom?
Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Jim Blaine said...

When you have a gun, you are not required to show your birth certificate in N.C.