Sunday, April 17, 2016

National Campaign 2016: North Carolina: H.B.2 ... Third Potty Politics?

Well, if you haven't heard about North Carolina's new law - trumpeted as "H.B.2" (House Bill #2) - you must be living on Mars! 

Lots of emotion and vitriol!  Folks started out screaming and yelling at each other and have proceeded downhill from there in the dialogue.

The law caught most folks in North Carolina by surprise, as most of us didn't realize we "had a problem". Well, if we didn't, we certainly do now! So, stay tuned; it ain't goin' away!

But, for you "non-natives", you should know that the debate is not really about bathrooms! The issues in H.B.2 are a good bit more complicated than who's in the next stall! And besides, North Carolina has a long, long, long tradition of unisex bathrooms; it's part of our culture! 

Hopefully, those other H.B.2 issues will get resolved shortly so we can all get back...

... on the same path!



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the North Carolina outhouse should become the new state house as it appears the individuals passing the laws are full of the proverbial manure and they need a good flush.

Anonymous said...

Caitlyn Jenner was in the news this week for walking into Trump Tower and proceeding to the restroom she feels comfortable using. Wondering if she would have been equally as welcome to do the same if, somehow, she found herself in the lobby of Salisbury St. and had to go...

Jim Blaine said...

We fully comply with "BSA"... the Bathroom Secrecy Act.