Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Banking Up The Wrong Tree....

Yap! Yap! Ruff! Ruff !
Noted the article in CUTIMES (4/18/2016) where Rob Nichols, CEO of the American Bankers Association, was spouting off to the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee about credit union taxation [link].

[Really like the irony that the head banker is named "rob" - as in steal, gouge, loot, plunder, and pillage!]
 The Howler-in-Chief

You'll note from the picture that Mr. Nichols possesses a personal set of fangs through which one might prevaricate - and "rob" certainly comes close in his little truth challenging epistle. 

But the ABA is nothing if not consistent in its unabated yapping about credit union taxation!  

Which leads to this question:

" How are a puppy and the "Howler-in-Chief" of the ABA different?"

Credit unions are warm & fuzzy!
That's why we'll always have
"a leg up" on the b-oinks!

When a puppy grows up, 

it quits whining! 

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Anonymous said...

BULLETIN: The bad news. In response to North Carolina's anti-gay law,Pearl Jam has followed the lead of the Boss and cancelled it's appearance in the back woods state.
The good news. NCUA has announced that until the law is repealed, they will not travel to North Carolina to examine any state or federal credit union. From lemons come lemonade.