Sunday, March 08, 2015

Three Kinds Of People...

Pars, birdies,
and bogies...
Willie McRae describes himself as probably the oldest working golf caddie in the world.  He has been caddying at the legendary Pinehurst golf courses since the 1940's. 

McRae has caddied for the full gamut of humankind - everything from princes to polecats - during his career. He says: "You got maybe 10 or 12 different types of people.  Well, three really: good, better and worst." Sounds about right - doesn't it! 

Best advice ever given? McRae said he was once asked by a frustrated golfer about the biggest problem with his drive?  He told the man: "Your biggest problem with your drive is that you're standing too close to the ball...

Oh! Is that
the problem..?

... after you hit it !  

(Check out Our State Magazine for the whole story)

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