Monday, March 02, 2015

Knew It Would Come to This...

Just in case you missed it, the NYTimes featured this story in its February 25th edition:

"Edible Coffee Cup in KFC Tests In Britain"

Evidently KFC, the new name for the age-old Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, is thinking that the cup will appeal to the younger set:  '"Millennials in particular want to make sure an innovation is functional, works and is right for their lives."  Not sure how eating coffee cups will make your life right, but as they say each to their own tofu!

The cup of course has a name, The Scoff-ee Cup.  Not to scoff, but the marketeers may not have thought all the way through that moniker.  The marketing firm, Robin Collective, does seem to be a high caffeine sort of group, describing itself as a "purveyor of curious events and experimental food." Not sure in which category the cup falls... curious? event? experimental? but let's just hope it's not food!

Next up Magic Tea ???
The product launch has been timed to coincide with the introduction of the Seattle's Best brand of coffee at KFC restaurants. Can kind of see the connection, as I'm sure the edible cups will be very popular with certain groups in Washington State (Colorado and soon in Alaska)... you know, the new coffeepot crowd.

But all that aside, the real, burning, # 1 question is:  "What will those coffee cups taste like?" And the answer of course is - if it hasn't already occurred to you - the cups will...

... taste just like fried chicken!

(Bet McD's will begin selling empty boxes for lunch next!)

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