Monday, April 13, 2015

College Daze...

A recent post about being granted a college degree, conditioned upon a promise not to practice, brought forth many accusations of exaggeration from the less faithful readership. To which I can only respond: "Dude, it was the '70's.... given the choices, would you have gone to class?

But, as historical support, I offer the following letter home, in explanation of the remarkably abundant opportunities, available to "thoughtful undergraduates" at my alma mater.... the date March 2, 1890:
"Dear Father,... "

"Dear Father,

I am very sorry indeed that Dr. Battle [the University president] had to write to you about me, but think he has it a little larger than it was.  I will tell you just how it is and what I did...."

"You remember when I told you about shooting the gun, ever since then everything that is done he calls me up.  Once again I was beating on a tin tub in my room and Prof. Cain came in and asked me to stop; those two times are the only ones that I have been caught and about the only times I have done anything. "

"Again the night some boys wrung the bell, I was in my room... Thursday night a crowd of boys wrung the bell and made a fireball and went around to scare the boys by turning it around before the windows and crying fire.  I was downtown in Lee Woodard's room when they made the fireball."

" I came up in a little while and went around to see
the fun but did not touch it.  I hollered as everybody else did and this is about all I have done so far, the late at night, etc." 

"I don't know what he means unless it was the bell ringing and the fire ball... I am very sorry that I have caused you so much trouble and hope you will see it is not as bad as Dr. Battle makes out..."

                                       Your loving son,
                                       Jno. B. Stronach **

** By the way, the 1890 Yearbook notes that Stronach was "President of the Eating Club: Record, 31 bananas in 13 minutes."  [I tend to believe we are related.]

            (From the Carolina Alumni Review - Apr./2015)

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