Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big Mc Attack ....

"I'm lovin' it"!!

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Anonymous said...

Some things to remember:

The C said the NCUA caused data breach would cost 15 to 20 thousand. Today the NCUA Board approved spending 50 thousand to cover the cost.

The C spent $150,000.00 on her own of credit union funds for a legal opinion that she says allows the Board to pass the RBC rule they have proposed. She quotes from the opinion and yet claims she cannot share it with the people who paid for it.

The C and VC were like a tag team in a wrestling match. One would hold the Professor in the corner while the other took pot shots at him.

The VC was very vocal about how hard he worked on the proposed rule, everything he read, what his contributions were and how grateful he was to the C for all she did. So like during the process the Professor just sat there? Then how did he come up with the best analysis of the rule and was the only one to point out its deficiencies?

The C implied that NCUA is on solid legal ground for their actions because two of the Board members felt that way.Amazing the only legal scholar on the Board who appeared to have analyzed, researched and study the issue on his own came away with an opposite opinion.

Both the C and VC thanked the General Counsel for his hard work and legal analysis. Is this the same one who advised the C on the VC appointment and how to handle the data breach and misspoke at a Congressional hearing about what NCUA can do?