Monday, February 25, 2013

The New Vision Thang...

UC ?
CUNA will roll out "The New Vision Thang" today...!!!!

We will at long last, finally know what we're supposed to be doing !!  

Can hardly wait to be told by CUNA where to go !!!

Always intrigued by announcements such as this! Always makes me wonder whether our collective wisdom is enhanced when filtered through the political bowels of a trade association?  I'm sure that a lot of nutritious ideas are being fed into the system; it will be interesting to see what comes out.

Appears from the initial comments that "The New Vision Thang" will feature membership and assets goals; value statements ; some sloganeering; a ten-year plan; a common goal; and a focus on heightened awareness.  Might also suspect that the "The New Vision Thang" will be "themed" and supported with color-coordinated marketing materials, featuring "bright and shiny people" - preferably of an X, Y, Z Gen.

For our visionaries, a couple of points to ponder....

Members will just flock to
"The New Vision Thang"

"Implementing this vision will take credit unions to $2.5 trillion in assets in 10 years. There is much more to do, but I and the CUNA Board are excited to do it."

  1. Not one member cares whether or not credit union assets are $1 trillion or $2.5 trillion.
  2. Not one member cares whether or not there are 95 million or 100 million credit union members in the U.S.
  3. Not one member cares about "our" slogans and "our" themes.
  4. Not one member cares about "our" color-coordinated, bright and shiny people. 
  5. Not one member cares about "our" ten year plan.

We know that there really aren't 95 million different members in America's credit unions; we know from Vietnam that "body counts" don't win wars nor change minds.  We've already made these "calculated mistakes" at least twice before with "Moonshot" and "Bank Transfer Day" missteps and mindlessness.

If we need a new marketing theme, slogans, and graphics; why didn't the old ones work? Where's the post-mortem?   Why will the new ones?  Why does it matter, if not one member cares?

Did the folks who gathered in Estes Park, Colorado 75 years ago to create CUNA get the vision wrong?  By the way while we all anxiously await the "New Vision Thang".... 

... could you remind us of what "our" current vision was/is? Does anybody know it ?  

Did we succeed or fail with the current (soon to be old ) vision ? Does it matter ?  

More importantly... does anybody really care..... why should they ?


Anonymous said...

Jim, if you get any more positive and constructive, I don't think I can stand it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you do not get blinded by the light!

Anonymous said...

Platitudes, schmatitudes- how about some results!

Jim Blaine said...

Sorry to sound negative.

Actually, I'm pretty positive of what's going to be in the "New Vision Thang"......

Really can't wait !!!

Anonymous said...

Now dust y'all selves off. Put your game face on and go do that voodoo you do SO well.
Hike the Hill and pretend the Hill cares.
Be sure to repeat the stuff they don't believe and don't care about.
That your false claims of millions of members (conveniently leaving out all the overlapping members) REALLY DO care about the CU tax status WHILE THEIR taxes are going up and THEY'RE struggling under the weight of the HILL'S incompetence in legislation and Dodd-UNFrankness.
If Credit Unions want to make a difference, try something different. Volunteer to pay taxes in exchange for a better regulator.
Otherwise, change your pampers and put the binky back in your mouth.

Jim Blaine said...

See told you I was an amateur at negative...!!!

Binky ???

Anonymous said...