Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NCUA Stewardship...."Fully Confident"...

"Bovine Scatology"?
As we continue to take a look at and a whiff of NCUA's $42+ million "Pass The Cash" contingency legal fee arrangements, it might be wise to drop back a bit and see what some other folks have said about these seemingly "wink wink" deals:

"It is hard for us to understand how the arrangement isn't in violation of the Executive Order", adding that it is "at least a clear violation of the spirit of the Executive Order."
               - Lisa A Rickard, President of the Institute for Legal 
                      Reform (WSJ - 10/26/12)

"Contingency fee arrangements impose exorbitant or unnecessary costs on taxpayers who have a right to expect the government to operate transparently and efficiently."
- Congressman Darrell Issa, Chair House Oversight Committee
       on Gov't Reform (WSJ -10/26/12)

"A Justice Department spokesman said that officials were unaware of any other federal agency that has outside firms on contingency fee contracts." (WSJ - 10/26/12)

But as we all have come to learn over the last several years, NCUA doesn't seem to really care what others think - whether its plain old CU folks, their regulatory peers, CPAs, taxpayers, or some quaint Executive Order from two Presidents of the United States of America.

After all NCUA is an "independent government agency" apparently answerable and accountable to no one.  NCUA operates in its own separate universe in Alexandria; NCUA follows its own set of rules.

Or does it ....

On page 9 of the OIG's  letter to Congressman Issa you find, amid all the redactions, the following interesting observation under "Procedures for Hiring Outside Counsel":

"Bovine Scat"
"However, with regard to its formal "Procedures for Hiring Outside Counsel"(Procedures), we found that while the NCUA complied substantively with the Procedures, it did not adhere completely to them in selecting the two firms."

This is OIG's "twisted poodlese" for NCUA doesn't even follow its own rules when the Agency finds them to be "inconvenient".

"Bov Scat"
Despite OIG's "clean opinion" letter to a U.S. Congressman, NCUA had four specific "Procedures" it was required to follow before signing these "wink winks". 

The two rules of its own creation which NCUA
 failed to comply with were rule 2) "minimizing cost to the credit union and [NCUSIF]" and 3) "avoiding any appearance of conflict or favoritism".  (Check it out for yourself on page  9.)

"B. S." !
Other than that according to the"OMG...OIG"....

  Everything is A-OK AT NCUA !!


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Has Cu Times or the Journal tried to get the unredacted letter from Issa? Have you? What on earth was redacted??!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama keeps preaching "hope and change". Real easy opportunity here with this E.O. b.s.

If he's anything other than fluff, he could make a call to ncua this morning, without Congressional approval, and ask them to abide by the law.

But maybe the law doesn't apply to Democrats.

Jim Blaine said...

Folks, would ask you to clean it up a bit; having to kill a whole lot of your views that don't "pass the filter"!

And, anyway suggesting that NCUA do something that is not physically or sexually possible is not a constructive suggestion for reform.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a way to whistle blow this "B.S."?

Anonymous said...

Maybe B. S. (Bill Sheney) and cuna will step up.

Anonymous said...

Our creidt union likes to hire MBAs. Looks like you need an "MBS" to succeed at ncua.

Anonymous said...

Fully Confident is NCUA code for Fully Bull!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't cuna invite Issa to GAC? Be wonderful for him to hear CUs views on what is going on.
any chance for Q&A with Cantor Boehner etc or are they just on agenda for us to hear, not to hear us?