Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Test Of Patience.... Pop Quiz # 2

Pop Quiz..Part  2...

How about one more little pop quiz? Again multiple choice to help you narrow down the list of possible answers.

Ready?  Here we go:

In the February 27, 2013 post ("Plausible Deniability... Case In Point"), NCUA's latest example of appearing either silly or lacking in any type of professional review process was outlined. This latest snafu dealt with NCUA's Director of Examinations deciding to unilaterally overrule NCUA's Office of General Counsel on an exam finding, dealing with the credit union-owned Members' Trust Co. Caught in flagrante delicto (an Italian fiasco in otherwords), NCUA is evidently working feverishly and sheepishly to correct the "unforced error".  

As we all wait, with bated breath, for NCUA's explanation here's the question of the day:

Q: Which NCUA Region "created" this unnecessary embarrassment for NCUA - for all of us?

As with the prior quiz you have four choices A, B, C, or D....

A)  Region III
B)  Region III
C)  Region III

Getting impatient with all this...
... the folks in North Carolina, Ohio, and now Florida are not surprised.  As Alice in Wonderland most notably commented:

"It's enough to try the patience of an oyster."

                                (Have you signed the petition yet?


Anonymous said...

I signed the petition!

Actually, Flagrante delicto is Latin. Has come to be known as being caught in the act of sexual intercourse. This is fitting because the FAZ and OGC screwed Members Trust!

Jim Blaine said...

Yep, definitely a "pants down" situation for the reputation of NCUA - all of us...

Anonymous said...

I hope they at least kissed you afterward! I doubt they respected you in the morning!