Tuesday, February 05, 2013

NCUA Releases 4Qtr. Economic Data.... !!!

We like to think we have
 "eyes in the back of our heads" !!*

The robots robuts robust** economists over at the Agency have released their very latest forecasts of the past!!

"We're not quite sure how you should thank us for all that you have accomplished under our super-really super!!-vision.  At the end of the 4th quarter we are now more certain than ever that our current predictions for 2012 will give you sound guidance on what you have already accomplished."

"After all, those who fail to plan for the past can never change it."

"And, besides if you attempt to venture out of the absolute certainty of last quarter, last year, last century; we will most assuredly "DOR" you as a threat to the NCUSIF!  We're comfortable with the past; why can't you be?

All this new-fangled, "outside-the-box", change-change-change thinking !!! It's just more "risk-risk-risk" in disguise.  We don't get over paid to take risks (nor to be accountable) and we will not let any reckless forward-thinking, endanger our unblemished record of safety and soundness with your money our Fund.

We've tried to threaten you listen to you about this "RISK THING"!! But we want you to know we've now drawn a line in the sand on risk and have defined for all of "you people" the boundaries of our combat comfort zone.......

Your CU may not venture


* In case you couldn't tell (and I can understand how that might happen), the graph was obviously drawn by a 2-year old !! ( No, no one of my g-kids!)

** "ro - bust", English, adj. ... meaning "written by an idiot".  See also "ro - bus - ter -i - an", English, noun .... meaning "a practicing idiot".

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