Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rants And Raves...

Had about given up on everybody's favorite "Rants and Raves" until a snow storm delayed copy of Spruce Pine's finest newspaper arrived over the weekend.  

The sniping around Mitchell County had grown a
bit dull of late perhaps because the Mitchell-News Journal [link] had a new editor, or November's election shock still had hold, or maybe its just harder to be snide and snarky around Christmas - who knows? But "the quality" - or whatever you call it - of the
repartee was way down! Folks were simply asleep at the squeal! Well, until this one...

*  "Is anyone missing a very unusual pet rabbit  If so, call 828-765-7045. I have it."

Now I must admit that I didn't have the nerve to call that number to find out what was "very unusual" ; but...

Can hardly wait
... I think?!?!

... if you do, think we'd all like to hear the story!


Anonymous said...

Probably more fake news. We know the rabbit doesn't have a birth certificate

Anonymous said...

Rant: CUNA hosting a conference in the Caribbean (nothing like giving the piglet bankers more ammo against us with an event in Jamaica). Vacation for CUNA executives? Vacation for some credit union volunteers? Who approves this stuff at CUNA and at individual credit unions? No way my volunteers are going to a resort in the Caribbean.

Rave: Jim Blaine for keeping the pressure on NCUA! ACT!