Thursday, January 05, 2017

Rants And Raves…. Hot Off The Press!


Fat chance !

*  Still hoping that the police in Bakersville can step away from the donut box long enough to enforce some traffic laws.

*  God will judge step-mothers.

*  January is National Train Your Dog Month. Just sayin'.

*  When you see a political ad on TV you might as well consider it a lie, it most likely is.

* Crisp's Asphalt Paving Co. - Now Offering Hot Crack Sealing! Free Estimates.

*  If you're gonna be low down enough to steal from other people, try not to let anyone see you.

*  Some of the people who move here think that folks whose families have lived here for years aren't near as smart as them. Well least we were smart enough to get here first.

And the "you'll only find this sort of quality put down moment" in a hometown newspaper...

*  Go to any restaurant round here and sit a bit. Bet you'll find that the dumbest person always has the loudest voice.  So why don't you tone it down a little?

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