Saturday, January 14, 2017

Airport Sit-uation.....

Next time you're flying through Chicago, don't miss the airline seat display in O'Hare Airport proclaiming the "greater leg room" a certain airline now provides? 

"Greater leg room" on an airline is, in and of
itself, a pretty peculiar idea.... 'bout as oxymoronic as jumbo shrimp, killed by friendly fire, pretty ugly, cold as hell, educational TV, compassionate conservative, fiscally responsible liberal, honest lawyer, happily married.... robust regulation!

....but nowhere nearly as strange as the folks at the airport who were sitting in the display seats while waiting for their flights!

Why do folks want to practice being uncomfortable....?


Do they think they earn extra "airline miles" - or what?  

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Anonymous said...

"Why do folks want to practice being uncomfortable?"

Because folks are creatures of habit. Sometimes those habits are good habits. Sometimes those habits lead the lemmings off the cliff, to drown in the sea of acronyms (NCUA, CUNA, NACFU, etc.)