Monday, June 02, 2014

The Honorable Thing To Do - When An Agency is Failing... (And Yes They Do!)

" #*X!*!#?!, not them again..."

"Mr. President, we may have another "VA-type" mess on our radar..." 

"Looks very similar, Sir - misinformation, lack of responsiveness, indifference to our constituents, regulatory overreach, "damn the facts, Mama knows best attitude".   2000 comment letters from over 500 different business leaders representing all 50 states, every precinct, Mr. President. And, over 75% of the House have already given them notice. We're way behind the curve on this one; it will be hard to claim we hadn't heard, Sir."

"OK, OK, let's move on it !!  Listen, why don't you just send a picture of Shinseki over there and...

... maybe someone will "get the message".

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