Friday, October 05, 2012

The Vision Thing... Part VI: CUNA 2022 - Draft Plan ....aka "Pink Tights" !

Don't Look !!
Don't let on that you've seen this....'cause it's Top Secret stuff.  Wouldn't want to diminish the thunderous thrill you will experience when "The New Vision Thing" is unveiled.  Get ready to rock!  Think in terms of revelation, perhaps even Rapture ...

CUNA @ 2022 !!** 

We - that means you! - will take the next decade to do 'dis:
  1.  115 million members !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.  33% of Americans as members !!!!!!!!!!
  3.  $2.5 trillion in assets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4.  8% "market share" of assets !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5.  "Plan To Win" program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6.  Better "Brand" awareness !!!!!!!!!!!
  7.  Better "Charter"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8.  $20 billion in "Member Value" !!!!!!!!!!!!
                  .... AMAZED ?????????????

Can't wait - can you? Did get to thinking that aren't #1 and #2 the same thing? I mean if we're gonna have important goals like this... I would certainly hope that 33% of Americans works out to be about 115 million folks, wouldn't you?  And, wouldn't the same thinking apply to #3 and #4 - would hope 8% = $2.5 trillion!  Would get a bit awkward if all this doesn't really "add up", y'know.

There are some really cool new, exciting, original ideas in the Charter, Brand, and "Plan To Win" segments like Hike the Hill, comment letters,  grassroots communication efforts, PAC fundraising, MBL and capital legislation, Project Zip, a national ad campaign.... you get the drift.  

All the awareness, branding, value goals will be thoroughly "measured and metric-ed", of course; although just how they'll be "m & m"-ed may become a goal for the 2032 "new vision".

Busy doing what ??
By the way, isn't this a plan for CUNA?  If so, what part(s) are they responsible for? Where are the "m & m"'s for CUNA?  Would it be inappropriate to ask CUNA for a 1-year 2013 plan? What are the specific goals for next year? What are the "m & m"'s for 2013... what are the "consequences" if those goals are not achieved?  

Well, at least could you tell us what the results of the 2012 plan have been... update us on the "m & m"'s for this year?

Somehow "The New Vision Thing" for '22 seems a little "too, too"... or maybe a little "tutu" - y'know a tiny ballerina, dressed up in pretty pink tights, trying to "tip toe" around the issues....

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