Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh !! My !! Gee !!

Commodore Perry FCU ...

Oh ! My ! Gee !
Oh, My ! Oh, Gee !
O. I. G. !!
Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee !!!

From the CU Times (10 - 11 - 2012):

"In other NCUA news, the Office of Inspector General [OIG} found nothing to substantiate accusations by Commodore Perry FCU that their examiner was harassing the credit union's employees [guess you just can't trust the affidavits of four female employees] and subsequently lowered the credit union's CAMEL rating when it was reported."

Duel " chartering in NC........
"The Supervisory Review Committee that could review the case is also within the NCUA, so results will be suspect, particularly since the regional director who declined to send a different examiner to the credit union, Herb Yolles, is the same one who made the retaliatory call for dual exams for all state-chartered credit unions in North Carolina after SECU was permitted by the state regulator [ in accordance with NC state law] to release its state CAMEL rating."

"He [Yolles] also accused N.C. regulator Jerrie Jay of stating that the NCUA had begun terminating SECU's insurance, which recordings later proved she did not.  However, the OIG yet again let an NCUA employee off with a free pass finding it was a misinterpretation."

Wanna guess who was the former head of the OIG at NCUA....??

 Mr Herbert Yolles
Former Head
Office of the Inspector General

Oh !  My !  Gee !
Oh, My ! Oh, Gee !
O. I. G.
Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee !!!!

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