Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Liquidator !!!!.....

NCUA Region 3's : "The Liquidator" !!!

From CU Times ( October 11, 2012)

"An NCUA examiner who witnesses said allegedly called himself "The Liquidator" and made inappropriate statements to four female employees did not harass or retaliate against a small Ohio credit union [Commodore Perry FCU], the Agency said."

"When the same examiner returned to the credit union in 2012 and exhibited the same behavior, the employees were asked to provide written statements regarding the alleged inappropriate incidents."

"Renz said he and Barr [The President and CEO of CPFCU] had concerns about the examiner from the very beginning of the exam, after he initially introduced himself to them as "The Liquidator"."

"He was serious," Renz said.  "He said he was known in his years in the industry as "The Liquidator". I clearly remember that, and took it as his point being, "don't mess with me".

Just for the record "The Liquidator" is a real and well-known NCUA supervisor in Region 3 .  The folks at CPFCU are not making this up.... despite the "findings" of the O.I.G. 

NCUA also knows of the antics of "The Liquidator", yet does nothing other than hide its growing loss of credibility behind a "No Comment" shield from guilt - and accountability.

While yet another credit union and its employees pay the price for telling the truth....

Pick The Ponzi Scheme Leader ???

(Good Guess !!!)

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