Thursday, June 21, 2012

New SPAM From NCUA - Last Course: "Fruits and Nuts"

"We're full of it!"
Had enough SPAM?  Yeah, me too! Do you feel better now that you know, you got your $2 million "money's worth" out of the NCUA ("not necessarily") SPAM maps program?  Yeah, me too!

'Course, don't forget:  " In future quarters, NCUA's Office of the Chief Economist will build and expand on the information contained in this first NCUA Quarterly U.S. Map Review."

Can hardly wait, right?  Yeah, me too!

Which does leave just one uncomfortable question:   
If your "hard-to-come-by" NCUSIF dollars (at least 59% of every wasted dollar comes from the NCUSIF "overhead transfer rate" - your dollars!) are being spent in this fashion (for "$miles and $PAM"), who is making these decisions? 

Take your pick.... A), B), C), or D) all of the above....




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