Monday, June 18, 2012

New SPAM From NCUA - Fourth Course: "Greek Economics"

I'm B-a-acckkkk!
Know you had hoped that these NCUA SPAM "treats" would go away (posts of 6/7, 6/11, 6/14).
But, unfortunately that's not the way it is with "bad and backwards economics", especially "bad and backwards, politically motivated economics"!  Much like Freddy Krueger, backwards economics keeps jumping out of the dark at you when you least expect it!! 

We're not required to explain...!
Bad "political economics" brought us aristocracy, serfdom, national socialism, and communism.  Unanswerable bureaucrats have had a long history of keeping "the earth flat" and some folks always "at the back-of-the-bus" as a matter of "good public policy - and good political economics."

So, let's take a look at an NCUA SPAM map which appears to smack of both bad economics and bad politics........ 

Cute and Colorful !
Hope in the prior "SPAM snacks", you found sufficient evidence to highly question the use of ROA as a principal gauge of the "success" of a not-for-profit CU.  Also took a look at the unreliability of "state geography" as an appropriate "segmentation" or "leading indicator" of the "success", viability, or "risk level" of the credit unions within one state, or of an individual CU within a given state.

But before we proceed further, a reader submitted the following "survey adjectives" for you to rate your view, so far, of the quality of the new NCUA SPAM series.   Please check all which apply:
  • __  Elementary
  • __  Misleading
  • __  Banal                                                  
  • __  Gibberish
  • __  Sophomoric
  • It's all Greek to me....
  • __  Gobbledygook
  • __  Up to NCUA standards!
  • __  "Bovine Scatology"
  • __  Are these guys Greek economists?

But in the meantime remember:


"Beware of Geeks bearing ........!"

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