Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deer Hunting.....

Where I live in rural North Carolina, hunting is still a basic part of the culture, almost a birthright. "Learning to hunt" is as much a part of growing up as Y-camp basketball, youth soccer, and little league baseball.  Actually, "huntin'" is also considered a sport " 'round 'yhair"!  Deer hunting is the principal game.

Want to play?
Some folks - mainly urban "ex-pats" who have read Bambi too many times - are opposed to hunting. I'm not, except for one thing. Never have thought that hunting should be considered a "sport"; at least not the way I think of a sporting contest.

Always thought of a sport as a contest between equally skilled and capable opponents, vying to determine who had the superior ability. Sport is usually a trial of strength, endurance, agility, quickness, preparation, and intelligence.  That to me ain't hunting - deer hunting in particular....

In deer hunting one player has a high powered rifle, the other player doesn't.  One player has determined "the rules" of the game with which the other player is "not fully familiar". And worst of all, one player, although given some sort of metaphysical "opt in" choice I guess, usually doesn't even know it's playing.... until it's too late!

...... oh dear !!!
Some sport, huh!  Shoot, kinda' reminds me of the "Perpetual Overdraft" (new "direct deposit advance" programs!) being introduced, of late, by many of the  "Too Pig To Fails".....

   ... not really "sporting" is it ?

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