Friday, April 20, 2012

Can We Do Lunch.....

"Tomorrow during my lunch hour, I am going to the community college to visit the Family Life class that comes to visit the CU each month.  You may have seen them in the lobby today.  They are mentally challenged students who attend the community college's special classes to learn how to function in society.  

A broader vision, a broader purpose..
Their current project is making cards for cancer patients using recycled greeting cards, which I have been collecting for them. They invited me to visit with them tomorrow because they are so highly impressed with how they are treated here at the CU. Their instructor, who is a member, has spoken of how vitally important the interactions that they experience here are to their lives.

So, I may be a few minutes late returning from lunch."

(Think being a few minutes late would be just fine - even "vitally important", don't you?)

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Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with your compassion in what appears to be all things. So thankful I got the opportunity to know you. I think returning late from lunch will be just fine. I know the boss and pretty certain he will be cool with that.