Friday, November 18, 2016

The NCUA Budget Process: Part Last!....

Create the legacy!

Wouldn't it be exciting and invigorating to see the following announcement from Chairman Metsger on Monday:

As Chair, I have asked the following 12 people - representing all segments of the NCUA and the credit union community - to serve as a strategic advisory forum to discuss future opportunities and directions for the NCUA.

The first monthly forum will take place in January

2017 and your input as a credit union leader is encouraged and welcome. Summaries of the topics discussed and recommendations considered will be published immediately after each meeting.

The reports of the advisory forum will hopefully stimulate active industry-wide debate on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory process.  And, will be used by the NCUA to help define and prioritize future agency operational objectives - and the specific time-lines and budgetary funding required to implement those objectives.

"In summary, we are providing more

information earlier in the process and giving
people multiple ways to provide input. We are both setting and raising the bar on transparency for a federal regulator."

Let's get started!   

Rick Metsger
Chair, NCUA

Mr. Metsger...

Hope so!

... you were being serious about this with us, weren't you?

... if so then "ACT"!


Anonymous said...

I went to NCUA's website and read Metsger's statement on the budget. It's pretty good until I got to the end where once again Metsger acted bizarre as he appears to lash out at NCUA's critics. No other regulator writes, talks or acts this way. Extremely amateurish. I miss Fryzel.

Anonymous said...

Special assessments for 2017 but no reason given.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Metsger joined Matz in RBC, RBC2 and all the prior budget disasters. Trump needs to remove him from the chair's chair before he does even more damage.