Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NCUA: Enterprise Risk Management...

Why does the NCUA Board need to "ACT" now and "ACT" decisively?

Because NCUA has created significant enterprise risk for the agency through its actions - and lack there of - over the last six years, endangering its staff, credit unions, and the future of the agency itself. NCUA's primary function under federal law is to assure the safety and soundness of credit unions and their member-citizens' funds.

1)  The absence of clear accountability is a safety and soundness issue at NCUA.
2)  The self-evident and self-confessed
 competency deficits in required staff skills and modern IT/analytical systems is a safety and soundness issue at NCUA.
3)  The repeated and egregious lack of transparency is a safety and soundness issue at the NCUA. 

The "enterprise" is at substantial risk. The reputation of NCUA has become a potential safety and soundness issue. 
The Board must...

[... before we all get "iced"!]


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