Saturday, November 05, 2016

Only In North Carolina...

Excerpts from The Davie County Enterprise Record:

"Stink Bugs Looking To Hibernate"

" Stink bugs count as a new invasive pest which needs to be tracked. The new pest has done moderate damage to many agricultural crops this summer and cooler weather has brought them inside homes, where they are looking for a spot to overwinter.  Phone calls for help have been flooding into the County Cooperative Agricultural Extension Office."

"One of the most frequently asked questions is, "Why are there so many trying to get inside at once?"  Stink bugs excrete an aggregation pheromone, which is a chemical which signals other stink bugs that a good site has been found."

"This is the insect equivalent of..."

... bring a friend!!

"Come on over, the party's just getting started....!"

(You really don't want to hear about the rest of this story 
- promise!)

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