Monday, September 05, 2016

Love Train...Track 2 !

Here's another "eye-dea"...
By the way, North Carolina credit unions are more than amenable to signing "cross-region hugging agreements".  If your regional director is down here visiting Pinehurst, The Outer Banks, or The Great Smokies; we're quite willing to hunt the rascal down and let 'em "embrace" a little extra Southern hospitality! 

We also need to recognize that some regional adaptation of the "hug 'em up" strategy may be necessary, if the program goes national.  Native Alaskans can "rub noses" and French-country Cajuns can "peck them on both cheeks" [not both sets!], might call this "the kiss-off campaign variation"! For the athletic, sports-minded folks of the far West, it would probably be acceptable as mentioned to give your NCUA senior staff official "a little pat on the heiny" when they "enter the game", but no head butts - please !!

"The Unaccountables"?

Well, give it some thought.  We all really do need to "come to grips" with these gripes about  "The Untouchables"........ 
We're here for your annual exam.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not do first bumps either. Perhaps a rear cheek bump will open the door to broader discussion and a feeling of comradery.