Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Let's Get Back To That Agency At The Crossroads: NCUA...

So now that we've all agreed to fully embrace the NCUA, let's return in earnest to take a serious look at the need for reform at the Agency.... a truly serious look over the next couple of weeks - OK?

Credit Union members, credit unions, and the American taxpayer - we all deserve a strong, competent, independent federal regulator and insurer - it's in everybody's best interest. There has been a wealth of evidence over the last decade that the NCUA may not be up to the task - the Agency may not be up to snuff!

With new leadership and a return to rationality at the NCUA Board level as of May 1, 2016, many hopes have been raised for a renaissance at the Agency. And, while exam cycle reform, greater budget discussions, and minor policy tweaks are a start - much appreciated; the heavy lifting on
No clear view of the future,
no substance - as yet!
supplemental capital, OTR fairness, greater transparency, and the crying need for senior staff restructuring and Agency reform remain a mirage without time frame nor action plan.

The FDIC, just last month, again showed why NCUA  has a notorious reputation as an agency behind the times, with stagnant senior leadership reluctant to change.  The way too little, way too late crowd missed yet another opportunity for regulatory leadership.

He tried to tell you.
What did the FDIC do? The FDIC Board proposed amendments to the exam appeal process - long a simmering hot button among all regulated financial institutions. The need for a more than imaginary appeals process at NCUA was a recommendation made to the NCUA senior staff by Mark McWatters months ago. And to make matters worse, a recommendation made to NCUA before a disastrous session of the House Financial Services Committee in 2012:

Not a pretty performance!

So, are we really at the dawn of a new era at NCUA? 
Or are we in for more of the same old, same old...


 A most unappealing prospect!

[...  and a "strategy" NCUA will not survive.]



Keith Leggett said...


It is time to merge NCUA with the OCC and the NCUSIF with the FDIC.

Anonymous said...

No Mr. Leggett. As much as you would like to see that happen , it isn't going to.

And insofar as NCUA changing, don't count on it anytime soon.

But alas, never give up hope. The President leaves office in January and maybe, just maybe, the people will give us the leader we need. As I said, we can only hope.

William Brooks said...

The NCUA has way too much unchecked power and need to be reconfigured. The problems facing the industry are not just NCUA. Credit Unions have a 1934 structure trying to address 2017 world. There are deeper problems than just the NCUA!

We have to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and develop a system that addresses the needs of the current population.