Sunday, September 04, 2016

Love Train....Hug 'Em Up !!!

Can' be all that bad...!
Really can't believe all the constant whining these days about the NCUA - seems to be almost obsessive with some folks!  You would think from all the criticism that NCUA was problem "numero uno" on the planet - out there ahead of poverty, unemployment, health care and tax reform. 

Well, maybe it's time to stop getting so uptight about the senior leadership at NCUA. You can see that they are "feeling threatened" and have become somewhat "North Korean-ish" in response to the mere whisper that there could be questions about their inerrancy.

Wanted to give you a little head's off...
... e-r-r head's up...
  on your upcoming exam!

Y'know meeting an NCUA Duke Street Robusterian or your Regional Director should not induce the same sort of panic as the magical appearance of a highway patrol cruiser in your rear view mirror.  Talking with an examiner should not remind you of the time you were commanded to the Principal's office over the intercom in middle school.  After all, we're the good guys - remember?  We're still innocent until proved guilty - right?  No need for butterflies; we need to "come to grips" with this issue!  C'mon "let's handle it"!

Let me propose a little a plan of personal "outreach"....

Let's hug 'em up !!
No need to be "so distant" with the folks from the Agency. They have their own personal shortcomings, their own self-doubts and insecurities. It's really hard to cope with always being viewed as ineffective, inefficient and just downright insufferable. These folks need a little lovin' !!  Actually, they need a whole lot of lovin' !!  So let's give 'em a hug !!!!!  To show 'em how much we care...!!!

Startin' right now, wherever a "robust" NCUA official appears in your neck of the woods - league meeting, press conference, legislative hearing - make sure they "come to know" how much they are appreciated! Make sure they are "taken under our wings" and "held close to our hearts"!!  There should be no hanging back in this strategy. We need to be aggressive huggers, because the first strike advantage of hugging is extremely important. And, let's enlist all 100 million+ credit union members across the Country to help us out!!

Think about it ! Your Regional Director wading through the airport crowd in Chicago, moving through that mass of people with the cold stark awareness that at any moment a complete stranger may grab him in a massive bear hug!! Unsettling isn't it!  Just imagine that tense exit interview; in come the examiners and you, your staff, your supervisory committee, your Board all get up and just hug the devil out of them!!  Really, how standoffish can you be after "being pawed" by everyone in the room?(Hey, maybe even give 'em a little pat on the rear-end to let 'em know we're all on the same team!)

Doesn't that sound like fun??  Let's all move from the Cold War to the warm one.  Non-violence at it's best. The Mahatma would be proud!

Now do you understand...?
Now I'm certain that NCUA will start squawking about harassment and intimidation, but maybe a little "close personal attention" will increase NCUA's understanding of those two important concepts.  

And maybe,  just maybe "their grasp" of today's number one concern among credit unions will improve. It really is time for NCUA to "get its arms around" their problem...

[Wanna bet?]

Don't think they'll hold this against us, do you?


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Anonymous said...

People who preach as you do, talking about hugs and closeness, are reminiscent of individuals in a crowd who reach out just to grab a little ass.