Saturday, March 19, 2016


Always been grateful that I worked for a credit union with a strong nepotism policy.  It's hard enough to maintain balance and fairness in the workplace without complicating the tension with family and relatives! 

And besides, the "Board member's son" on the staff always faces a lose/lose proposition.  If "the son of a B" fails, everybody does an "I told you so"; and if he succeeds, everybody thinks it's because "he's the son of a Board member". He just can't win!  Sometimes "life's not fair" - right? Well, it's never fair with a "nepot"!

Lots of folks (Board and management are the
worst offenders) would like to overlook the "inconvenience" of a strong nepotism policy which assumes an organization hires based on "capabilities" - which admittedly are often very subjective measures to say the least. But hey, let's not hire "friends and relatives" to make the problem even more difficult than it already is ... Ok !!!

So, a co-worker said; "Well then, how about explaining in plain English what "nepotism" really means, will you? I'm not sure I get it."  

Here's the best I can do...

Our credit union hires folks based on: 

"What you know" and "Who you are",
 rather than on 
"Who you know" and "What you are"!

Sound right?

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Anonymous said...

Then your credit union is the exception. Because everybody knows it is not what you know but who you know and that practice is not only the most prevalent but extends across both the private and public sectors. It's unfortunate but it is what it is and it will never change.