Sunday, March 06, 2016

Climbing Up The Wall....

"Make The Wall Great Again!"
Been interesting of course to watch The Great Debates of this political season, it brings to mind the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie - Psycho! 
      [very scary!]

One idea consistently put forth by Donald Trump is the proposition that the U.S. build a 10-foot wall along our Southern border to solve our "immigration problem".  And, for good measure, Mr. Trump proposes that Mexico be required to both build and pay for the wall.  
Up and Down.
Mr. Trump cites The Great Wall of China as the historical example supporting his opinion.

There appear to be four problems with Mr. Trump's proposal:

1) If the wall is built by Mexicans, wouldn't that be just another example of undocumented aliens taking American jobs?
Up and Over!

2) If  the folks in Mexico are smart enough to build a 10-foot wall, 1600 miles long; aren't they smart enough to manufacture 12-foot ladders?

Now What?

3) How far out into the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean will the wall be extended?

"From $369+tax...!"

4) How much is the airfare from Mexico City to Canada? Bet Mexicans know how to walk south as well as north.... 

The great walls of China didn't seem to
bother Genghis Khan too much?

Which leaves us with the question :

"Which leader's opinion should we rely on?"



A) Donald Trump?
B) Genghis Khan?
C) Have Bernie Call Putin About The Berlin Wall?
D) None of the above?

Psycho! [very scary!]


Anonymous said...

What about that invisible wall that is built around 1775 Duke Street? You may not be able to see it but it is seven stories high. And, you paid for it.

Jim Blaine said...

Are you suggesting that if Mr. Trump does not win that he be appointed to the NCUA Board?

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought. But it would be a reverse of fortune. He would tear down the NCUA wall.