Wednesday, February 17, 2016

NCUA: A Truly Unappealing Agency?...

"NCUA Board Member Mark McWatters is calling for additional steps to address what he said are "deficiencies" in NCUA's examinations appeals process." [, 1/19/2016]

Mr. McWatters was also very blunt and direct about his views of the "mostly fictional" existing NCUA appeals process, in NCUA's own flagship publication NCUA Report [January, 2016].  "In the final analysis and regardless of the improvements that the NCUA attempts to pass off to the credit union community as due process, the NCUA still acts as judge and jury given as every step of the appeal process is decided by an employee of the NCUA."

"In my view, it is difficult to defend that the current process is completely above reproach and not tilted toward a self-serving outcome."

"I believe our appeal process is contrary to the rule of law and constitutional due process."


Are we getting "the government" we deserve?

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Anonymous said...

No, the people have not gotten the government they deserve for the last 7.3 years and if they don't wake up they will continue to get that same form of government and then they will deserve the government they get.