Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GAC: Hearing Is Believing?? Don't Think So!

"It's about the culture at NCUA."
"Once we built this new, modern regulatory framework and put the crisis behind us, we were finally able to shift our focus." 

"A top priority became making it easier for you to do business. "Easier to do business", is not only about regulatory relief."  

"It's also about something even larger.  It's about the culture at NCUA.  We needed to change our culture, to reset the default switch to "yes". Too often in the past that default switch was set to "no". But that changed."

- Chair Debbie Matz
Speaking at the 2016 GAC

"It's about the culture at NCUA...
But that changed." ???

Not sure everybody on your staff got that memo, Madam Chair!


Anonymous said...

Debbie is a legend in her own mind. Crazy Chatter NCUA double speak.

Anonymous said...

An independent government agency. Accountable to no one. Not subject to RECALL. Not subject to IMPEACHMENT. The word DICTATORSHIP comes to mind.