Saturday, December 27, 2014

Playing 'Possum 2014...

North Carolina's answer to
Times Square!
Bet you've been worrying about whether or not the New Year's Eve Possum Drop (see posts of 12/31/2013 and 9/27/2013) would be held in 2014, 'cuz of the law suit and all.  

Well, just got the news that the party's on and you still have time to jump in the pick-up or hop on the H-hawg and join the 3,000 revelers expected at Clay's Corner up around Brasstown, N.C. on the 31st!  Wahoo!!
Clay's Corner Near Brasstown

Won't go into all the details or try to tell the whole story over, but PETA sued again this year and N.C. Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins issued a preliminary injunction in their favor. The legal challenge was to the constitutionality of The Possum Right To Work Act which was a new law passed by the N.C. General Assembly back in June. (Not kidding, nobody could make this stuff up - promise!) So the fight's still on, but the injunction will not halt the festivities this year!

Senator Warren
Keep your fingers crossed for a resolution in 2015.  N.C. is now, after the November election,  a completely "all-Red" State. So at this point, I'd bet on the possum-droppers over the PETA-stoppers.

Unless of course Senator Elizabeth Warren gets involved and brings in the...

Consumer Feral Possum Protection Bureau
(The "CFPPB")

(... trying to regulate possums ain't that different
from trying to regulate skunks, is it?)

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