Thursday, March 14, 2013

NCUA Board To Be Recognized At Today's Monthly Meeting...

Thomas Renz, the President of Commodore Perry FCU, last month received the National Leadership in Political Action Award from the CUTimes. The award presentation was held in Washington, DC and is a prestigious recognition - especially for a new president at a $28 million institution! Pretty 
impressive !!!  

Honored For
Resisting A Rollover !
As you may recall, Mr. Renz and CPFCU received the national award for standing firm in objecting to a sexual harassment violation by an NCUA examiner (the self-styled "Terminator") and a subsequently rigged and/or botched exam appeal.
The Terminator:
Lots of "outreach"....

In accepting the award (see CUTimes article/video 2/22/13), Mr. Renz said: "Most importantly I'd like to thank our examiner who made all this possible. Without him we wouldn't have anything to talk about.  Want to salute his wonderful behavior and his very touching outreach - no pun intended.  We want to thank him."

Mr. Renz went on to add:  "It's kind of a strange thing to get an award for doing no more than what was right; because that's really all we did. We simply didn't tolerate it.  We simply can't allow this sort of thing to happen."

Yes, it is kind of a strange thing that our national CU recognition awards should come to this...  All honor and praise to Mr. Renz and his folks at CPFCU, but shame on the rest of us.

Rumor has that it Mr. Renz may appear at today's NCUA Board meeting to, much like the Oscars, ....

Aw shucks we didn't do much...
it's part of our "outreach" program for
insignificant small credit unions.
... profusely thank all those who made this year's award possible  and who continue to condone these types of national award "opportunities" for credit unions in
 Region III.  

It couldn't happen without your support !!!


Anonymous said...

When you tolerate a problem you become part of the problem.

Anonymous said...


We need a real petition.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Chair also receives the women in leadership award for letting her sisters take the wrap at CPFCU... victims to the wall as usual.

Anonymous said...

Put Renz ON the Board.