Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day In Court ?...For A Fissilingual Agency....

Well today is the big day for Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union !!  

Really, I can explain ...

According to the CUTimes which has closely followed this saga: "NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz has granted the $32 million CPFCU a 60-day extension on its Supervisory Review Committee appeal.  NCUA Public Affairs Specialist John Fairbanks confirmed the extension, and said the new deadline was March 18."(CUTimes - 2/13/2013)
By George... !!

Of course, it's a bit Orwellian to have the Chairman of the Agency - whose examiner (the self-styled "Terminator") created the sexual harassment complaint and whose senior regional executive arbitrarily denied the original appeal without even reading CPFCU's detailed and documented submission - to grant the victim an extension of time to explain the misdeeds of her own staff !?!  

"Yes CPFCU, we certainly hope you can explain to us why our staff continues to act like this in Region III; and why you have the audacity to object, when we here in Alexandria have found numerous ways to overlook and "pooh-pooh" away continued credit union complaints.  But take an extra 60 days if it will make ya' feel better!"
Tough Love,  
The "New" Credit Union Administration

One would hope that CPFCU will persevere in its appeal and proceed on to court with this important matter.  But, that's asking a whole lot for any credit union - especially when all the rest of the credit union movement is playing the role of "free rider" on this expensive and time consuming show of courage by our $32 million peer.  

You can be sure that CPFCU will be offered the normal NCUA option: "Although we're flagrantly in violation of our own rules and federal law, we will forgive you.  But, you-are-forbidden-to-disclose-for-national-security-reasons the truth." And, the cover-up will be put in place.  George Orwell would smile knowingly if he were alive.

But let's all hope for the impossible, the miraculous! That CPFCU arches its back and proceeds on to federal court. Why? Because in court the NCUA Region III crowd must give up - under oath - its fissilingual machinations.  In court, NCUA's "options for storytelling" will 
- under oath - ...

Speaking with forked tongue ?

.... be limited to the truth.      

Let's hope NCUA gets its day in court !


Anonymous said...

I do not think one day is enough to cover all of NCUA's past transgressions.

NCUA is counting on credit unions free riding and not supporting defending principles.

Sure hope CPFCU has a sling shot.

Dennis Moriarity said...

In the event the outcome from today requires CPFCU to continue to the judicial system I pledge 500 bucks of my own money and will ask my Board to match it at our upcoming Board meeting to assist in, what will be a costly, process.
Sic Semper tyrannis.

Anonymous said...

We all keep hoping ncua will do the right thing-shame on us! We need to take responsibility. NCUA has proven over and over it serves its own best interest- not that of credit unions or the members. They use the protection of the fund as an excuse to ignore the law, pervert the truth, and deny any wrongdoing. We have options-FDIC is one.

Anonymous said...

In for $1,000

Anonymous said...

Think we should ask CUNA to contribute half of Bill's salaery.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be any problem for our League to do $25 or $50 K since CPFCU is close at hand.

Is Ohio going to step up?

Anonymous said...

We can match $50,000 out of california.

Jim Blaine said...

Pretty sure some unnamed folks in N.C. would be willing to match whatever amount is raised....

Anonymous said...

Why don't you start a petition to congress and cc the white house that you want the insurance fund removed.
Bet THAT would get 100,000 signatures.
Otherwise, we're stuck with the same problems for the rest of our careers.
Do it.
No more conflict of mission.