Monday, March 11, 2013

Heavy Weight....

Three Principles
Chip Filson has declared himself as a candidate for one of the upcoming vacant seats on the NCUA Board.  

Mr. Filson offers an unusual platform. He suggests that an NCUA Board member should: 1) be selected in a public, transparent process, 2) should be well-versed in cooperative, financial principles and 3) should be qualified and competent.

Clearly Mr. Filson is a silly idealist, but...

... it would sorta add some balance !

Current... !
Future ...?

* Harvard University, magna cum laude
* Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar
* Northwestern University, MBA
* Experienced State and Federal Credit Union           
* Successful Private Business Entrepreneur
* Married, father of two, grandpa.
* Veteran, sings in the choir.
....  kinda like the idea of a principled choirboy on the NCUA Board, don't you?

Have you signed the petition?


Anonymous said...

Your only concern is that the future NCUA Board members are principled when it comes to what is best for the industry.

Anonymous said...

OK as long as he agrees not to sing at NCUA Board meetings Staff (we) have enough to endure as it is.

Anonymous said...

He's awfully dull to be so sharp.