Monday, December 03, 2012

"WA-CO" Election Results !!

"Twisted" thinking....?

Assume you noted the recent positive election results of the marijhuana referenda in Washington State and Colorado.  A WA-C(K)O vote?  Guess you could say that both states now "test positive".

'Course you have two different "dilemmas" on a collision course with the passage of this state-based legislation.  First is the age old issue of how to mitigate/regulate the "downside" problems which invariably arise with the use of drugs/intoxicants - irresponsible use does adversely affect the lives of "innocent bystanders", whether they be family & children, co-workers, or the unwilling other driver in the head-on traffic collision. No pure, 
easy answer to all this as we've seen going back all the way to the Prohibition era in the U.S.  But, do note that "prohibition" did not, and does not, work well in the realm of human frailties.  And, of course, where do you draw the line? Do we really intend to also OK the "recreational" use of heroin and meth..... 

The other equally important issue underlying these votes is the "renewed"and increasingly divisive conflict between "states-rights" and "federal pre-emption".  Just who is actually in charge here?  Where do you draw the line? The people of Washington State and Colorado have "spoken", but so has the federal Congress.  And, the state vs. federal conflict goes back quite a ways also, right back to the first days of the Country - those famous "Founding Fathers" never agreed on this issue nor do their heirs, the current "Fractious Followers".

We do know what happens with sustained "drug abuse"..... gives you the "willies".

But, from what I see you also get a lot of "Willies" when folks stay around D.C. too long....

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