Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Friendly Fire"...

"Let me toss out this

Branch Report:  "Been working hard with our newest teller to impress upon him the need to greet members as soon as they enter the Credit Union.  First couple of "counseling sessions" had absolutely no impact; he just didn't "get it". (He has been "a bit slow" overall on the uptake.) Since he is very young and ex-military, I thought I'd try a different approach."

"Grabbed him after work and told him again how critical it was to greet members as soon as they entered the lobby and to do so boldly and with enthusiasm!  Also told him to imagine that the member was carrying a live grenade which - if he didn't greet the member first - would explode when the member reached the teller line, causing him to lose his job !!!!  He assured me he got the message."

"Well, next morning, long-time member Deborah Smith - you know how difficult she can be - happened to be the first member to arrive at the Credit Union. I saw her heading in and was hoping to see the "special training" go into effect."

"Sure enough it did.  Ms. Smith hadn't taken more than two steps into the lobby before I heard our new teller call out loudly: "Good Morning, Ms. Smith!  NOW DROP THAT HAND GRENADE !!  Right NOW !!  That's right, drop it before you come any closer !!"

"Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Smith said she will be calling you ....."

(Don't really know how to thank you for this ...)

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