Thursday, December 06, 2012

My, My, Mayan ... Member Maibag.

From the member mailbag...
Are you sure ????
We discussed the pending end of the world forecast by the Mayans in the 12/5/12 post ("My, My, Mayan.... Disaster Recovery Planning").  Since that time there have been several inquiries from the membership concerning our preparedness for the end of the world.

E-mail:  My minister told us one of two things was going to happen on 12/21/12.  Either the world will end or we, the chosen, will be beamed on a lightning bolt up into Heaven. Given this, can you guarantee that my January statement will be correct?

Response:  If either of your minister's predictions come true - and we have no reason to doubt his prophecy; we assure you that your January CU statement will fully meet your needs at that time. 

E-mail:  Won't the high demand for cash caused by the 12/21/12 event cause a huge drain of funds out of the CU?

Response:  Yes, but that phenomenon happens every year; it's called Christmas.

E-mail:  Has the electric company assured you that the power will be on after 12/21/12?

Response:  The power company told us that they couldn't promise us that the power would be on tomorrow, let alone on the 22nd!  They also told us to use the other power company, if we didn't like that answer.

E-mail:  How do I know you will properly handle my paycheck in December?

Response:  You have been on direct deposit since 1983.

E-mail:  What should I do if none of my Visa charges post in December?

Response:  You can either call and let us know or assume the worst and start celebrating wildly.

E-mail:  How can I call you personally after 12/21/12 if something really does go wrong?

Response:  I'll have to get back with you on that one; not sure what the area code for Brazil is...

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