Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Undecided Voter...

Well, today is decision time.  You probably wouldn't have suspected it, but I have been one of those much rumored and hotly sought after undecided voters.

The thinking has been that, in fairness, the responsible thing to do was to listen to all the arguments and to take the time to study carefully the statements of each candidate. After all, a political campaign is often compared to a horse race and it seems clear to me that the longer you wait in the race the easier it is to pick the best horse. So, I've pursued that strategy in earnest.

Studied all the position papers, watched the Conventions, followed all the ads, and particularly listened hard to how each candidate critiqued his opponent.  All of us want leaders who tell the truth. Who better to profile the character, leadership ability, and values of a person than an adversary (- or a spouse!)

Having done my homework on both National and State races, I'm now more than ready to correctly mark that ballot!  Only concern after listening to all the comments is that it will take a long, long, long time to vote today.

Why ? Because it's going to take quite a while to...

... write in "NONE OF THE ABOVE", "NONE OF THE ABOVE", "NONE OF THE ABOVE" on each race.
'Cause if what's been said is true, sure wouldn't want that candidate to get elected and if his opponent is lying, well don't care much for him either.... 
                                                 See you in line !

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