Friday, November 16, 2012

New Supervisory Manual...

The following guidelines have been alleged to be part of the redacted sections of the new NCUA Supervisory Manual:

  1. Six months of training always trumps 25 years of actual Credit Union experience.
  2. What was said in the last exam has nothing to do with the current exam.
  3. It's OK to hold a grudge; documentation is not required, nor recommended.
  4. You are not there to offer assistance, but to find fault.  
  5. Remember everyone is hiding something.
  6. Always draw on your past experience in running a credit union when giving advice.
  7. Don't be deterred by the recent record of performance by the Agency. Our record is not what is being examined.
  8. You are not liable, nor will you be held accountable, for erroneous advice.
  9. Although we know it's difficult, try to appear humble around these people.
  10. Act like you're listening. 


Anonymous said...

You left one out - "your records can be subpeonaed." Presumably letting the examiner know not to be too clear or specific in what they say - page 29. My observation is that they made the manual almost useless to CUs so I don't know why they bothered to publish it at all. Completely omitted 133 of the 293 pages. On the 160 pages they left in, they have redacted critically secret stuff like the table of contents and the name of a form on page 190. And they used a scanner to create the PDF so I can't make search functions work. Our operating fees and assessment dollars at work. I think we should give them a raise. Oh wait - that's in the budget.

Anonymous said...

9 and 10 need to be corrected.

9. "Feelings" and psychic intuitions trump rules and regulations.

10. If you don't want to hear what is being said, follow the example of our illustrious leader, Bring up Benghazi!!

Anonymous said...

11. we want you to do these reports monthly and daily even though you will never use them and we will never ask to see them again.