Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Troubling Thoughts....

The NCUA Board Met 7/24/2012:

Q: Since we now have a proposed, new definition of a "troubled condition credit union"how would one go about defining a "Troubled Condition Agency"?

( See below....)

       A: 1)  * U.S. Central Federal CU
                 * Wescorp Federal CU
                 * Southwest Corporate Federal CU
                 * Members' United Federal CU
                 * Constitution Corporate Federal CU 
                 * St. Paul Croatian Federal CU 
                           (... but a $67 value!!!)

                                                         A:  2)  * Material weaknesses in financial reporting
                    * Troubled Debt Restructuring Botch
                    * Late GAAP & Congressional Reporting
                    * Arbitrary CUSO & Participation "Rules"
                    * Unsafe & Unsound Non-Basel Capital Standards
                                   (... but still a $67 value!!!)

               A:  3)   * Acknowledged lack of consistency   
                           * A "$67" Planning Horizon
                           * "Last Century" Management Practices
                           * Congressionally "Recognized" Arrogance
                           * "(What a) Legacy Leadership"
                               (... most definitely a $67 value !!!)

      "TROUBLING", isn't it...

... and you still don't think there is a need for reform ? 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We are back to the staff trying to run the ship. And the leadership from the Chairman's office is a running joke now. Talk about a serious shake up is needed.