Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exams To Enter Digital Age....

The first significant enhancement arising out of the - soon to be completed - "NCUA Listening Tour" is a major investment by the Agency in new electronic technology for all examiners.  

The new digital devices will be issued this Fall to all exam team members following a week long national training session scheduled for the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park in October.

A spokesman for the Agency said: "This new advanced technology keeps us on the "leading edge" in exam performance. You told us how to improve and we listened...."

Device will be easy to use; just stick it in your ear!

The spokesman noted that a decision had been made, however, not to issue the new technology to senior Agency executives as that would appear, for the most part, to be an unproductive expenditure of NCUSIF overhead transfer funds.

The spokesman also affirmed that all Agency staff have been instructed not to use the technology in North Carolina prior to, during, nor after exams, which continues a longstanding policy of the Agency.

"Consistency, after all, is so important to maintaining our reputation for consistency", he stated consistently. 

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