Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NCUA National Planning... A $67 Value!

Q:  Do you know what's going on?
NCUA:  Yes.

Q:  Do you need any help?
NCUA:  No.

Q:  Do you have a plan?
NCUA:  Yes.

Here's the plan...

.... worked well with the Corporates.

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Anonymous said...

NCUA has always had a problem with education and training of examiner staff. This situation should have become easier with the developments in the Internet! I guess the powers that be on Duke Street have never heard of Webinars! I do not wish to discount the value of face to face conversations as a vital part of team building, but for pure education nothing better than the Internet!

NCUA has always had this consistency issue as their boogeyman! Actually, NCUA should celebrate inconsistency, but they do not! When you work for consistency you get a four letter word.

Credit unions are chartered to be an alternative to traditional financial arrangements! NCUA, the Fed, the CFPB and all the other regulators constipates the credit union industry with all their mandates for consistency are the problem! Because they only spent $67 dollars on planning, I am not sure to cheer or cry? The world is changing and there is a greater need for responsible financial relationships for the under served than ever. They spent $67, does this mean that they have no plan to address the problems of the under served, or does it mean that they are going to let credit unions actually figure out a solution on their own?

I suspect that they have no plan, but this would be consistent!!!!!!!!!!!