Wednesday, May 16, 2012


xxxxxxxx  oops! xxxxxxx oops! xxxxxxx oops!

xxxxxx oops! xxxxxx .....

Just another ...
from the NCUA!

Sorry, we promise it wasn't intentional, we just mess up a lot.  

(and tough love to 'ya)  

The NCUA (oops!)


Debbie Trotter said...

Did you really think the report would be any different? What is the next plan of action? I know you have one and since NCUA thinks all NC state chartered credit unions are a part of SECU I want to make sure I am on the right ship! Oh, by the way...if I get in trouble with NCUA, you will be too, for what I did, Not what you did!
Some days you just have to laugh!

Jim Blaine said...

Very clearly not just an NC problem, although we've all been selected for "top billing" in a B-grade movie!

Quite sure that all credit unions should act responsibly and be held accountable for our actions.

Some folks feel those standards of responsibility and accountability should also apply to governmental agencies.

Stay tuned, you'll be getting a little invitation for "discussion" shortly.

Let's see; isn't there a little Convention being held in your city in September?

Save the date...