Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Is the slide in right?
Most of you are very familiar with the classic "powerpoint proverb" which effuses on the idea that the Asian pictogram for "crisis or problem" is also used interchangeably for the concept of "opportunity".  So that within every "crisis" that arises in your life, there lurks a hidden "opportunity"!  Maybe so... maybe not.  

Part of my "opportunity" with this idea is that Chinese/Japanese is usually written from right to left and I've never been quite sure if I had the picture of the symbol shown correctly.  It may be reversed, sideways, heck it may be upside down; but anyway...

Noted in a prior post that the Fed had approved the purchase of a US bank by a trillion dollar foreign bank, controlled by the Chinese government.  First the US exported all the jobs in textiles, then furniture, then electronics - most every job in manufacturing was "put in play".  With this latest move by the Fed, looks like the "banking sector" is next....

Which leads to a thought:  If the Chinese government can purchase a US bank, then certainly a US credit union (or a group thereof) can also purchase a US bank - right?  I mean who do you really trust in all this - right?

Would think that if a credit union could own and control a local bank, then the credit union could provide unlimited business lending to its local communities on a "not-for-profit first" basis. Local ownership, local control, local decision-making, local, local, local.  "Made In America"...what's the problem? 

Looked around recently in your community?  How many of your local banks are headquartered in your State?  Where do those folks who hold the top jobs of leadership and influence in the banks, who sit on the the governing boards, live and work?


Do you see a problem here?  Do you speak Mandarin....

Shouldn't someone ask the Fed - soon?!     


Chery Smith said...

What you have propsed makes good sense. The problem these days seems to be that many (most?)government officials don't use any good sense anymore in decision making...kinda makes me want to cry somtimes.

Anonymous said...

Press "1" for English....that pretty much sums it up doesn't it?